These notes have been prepared to assist applicants with the completion of the grant application form, to ensure all necessary information is included and allow the Trustees to consider the request without having to defer for further information to be sought.

  1. General information: - Please ensure the details for, Parish, Diocese, County, population, Electoral roll, name and status of person completing form together with full address and telephone number, name of contractor who will carry out the works and details of any previous application to the Sharpe Trust are all filled in.
  2. Summary of work: - A brief description, with full specification provided as part of supporting documentation. Example: Remove bells & drill crown staples. Tune all bells. New fittings. Strengthen existing frame. Retain canons. Weld cracked tenor.
  3. Faculty: - Major works will require a Faculty. Current status of Faculty application to be stated, and details of any conditions that may have been imposed should be noted.
  4. Anticipated completion date: - Details of programme (where known) assist the Trust with allocation of resource funding and should be completed if possible.
  5. Costs table: - Costs to be completed as indicated by the table, taking into account only works which qualify for a Sharpe Trust Grant (see Policy Document for exclusions).
  6. Funding: - Current financial status to be given and expected value of any grants offered.
  7. Current condition of bells: - If the bells are unringable, how long has this been the situation and is there still a local band?
  8. Details of bell installation: - Please ensure the full details for each bell are completed as listed on the reverse of the form, also bellframe and fittings details. (The information to complete these sections will usually be found in the "Installation inspection report" provided by the bell engineers.)
  9. Supporting documentation: - A copy of the following documentation should be submitted with the application form:
    1. Latest inspection report providing details of installation, condition, bell notes etc. (Usually provided by bell contractor or DAC bells advisor);
    2. Latest priced full specification from the preferred contractor giving details of all works. Where there are several options, please indicate clearly which options you have selected and which have been rejected, and indicate your rationale for your decisions.

  10. Changes to Specifications: - Grant offers are made by the Trustees after considering all the information submitted by the applicants. Any changes to the specification, e.g. bells found to be cracked, conditions imposed when the faculty is granted etc. should be notified to the Sharpe Trust when they occur and not left to be advised when works have been completed.
  11. Destruction of Documentation: - Application forms and supporting documentation will be kept for 6 years after which time they will be destroyed.

If you require further guidance with completing the application form, please contact the Grant Secretary, Alan Strickland, on 01285-885734, who will be pleased to assist.